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Fatboy Wheeled Coolers

The fatboy wheeled cooler is the perfect solution for coolers that have a small space to fit everything else in the cooler. This cooler comes with a rotomolded wheeled chest ice box that has a large enough space to fit all the coolers and their ingredients. The red, white, and blue coolers have different design features that make this a unique cooler. This cooler is perfect for your next cooler party.

Roto Molded Cooler Replacement Drain Assembly

Top Fatboy Wheeled Coolers Review

This is a great chance to get a new, reproduction fatboy wheeled coolers. This cooler is in perfect condition and is a great addition to any room. The fatboy wheeled coolers are made of high quality rotomolded wheeled chest ice box coolers. They are easy to assemble and are perfect for any use. This one is great for the winter or for keeping track of how much ice is in the garage.
This is asmoky granite cooler in a fatboy 70qt rotomolded wheeled chest. It has a hot box and is ice cold. It can hold up to 4 coolers and is smoky granite. It is made of durable materials and is a great gift.
This is a great opportunity to add a cool feature to your vehicle!
this fatboy wheeled coolers comes with a built in cooler that can hold 70 qt rotomolded wheeled chest ice boxes. This vehicle cooler can be used for storage, or as a cool feature. The built in cooler can also be used as aacks for holdingabilia or cold drinks. The chest ice box cooler can be attached to the front of the vehicle with some aftermarket hardware, or you could use a included screw top to store your belongings in peace!